Rio de Janeiro – 4K Samsung

Demo Television Rio de Janeiro

Realization: Tru3Lab for Cheil Agency (South Korea)
4K Demo exhibited on Samsung televisions worldwide.

Besides the friendship, the differences and resemblances made this distant country, South Korea, closer to us. Our team was flattered with the possibility of getting to know closer a distant culture. And it was reciprocal.

With a project very technical to attend Korean Samsung Standards, we produced, in several spots in Rio de Janeiro, videos to be exhibited on TVs at Samsung stores.

With 12-hour time zone of difference, and having worked with the crew as well as equipment of both countries, this project asked a lot of abilities in communication.

We shot several timelapses in 5.7K definition, with exposure transition in HDR and motion control, post produced here in Brazil due to Julio Brunet´s expertise. It was more than 1,5TB of rough material that took 10 days to render, in two computers simultaneously, and sent in a very well succeed operation by our IT department.

The transparency in negotiation by Korean crew surprised us positively and our efforts and clarityduring the whole process brought us together. Now, we are ready for new projects!


SBC Strategic Contents Team, CHEIL Worldwide: Jun Young Park and Seunghyun Sang
Executive Production: Alessandra Côrte and Luba Agostino
Direction: Lygia Barbosa da Silva
Timelapse Photographer: Julio Brunet
Camera Assistant: Natalia Tabanes
Interactivity Director: Guilherme Carmello
Local Production: Thiago Earp


  • Samsung
  • Cheil