Make History

Concept and realization: Tru3Lab for Jeep
Exhibition: FOX Channels and digital medias.
Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett

This adventure takes place in the Atlantic Forest and reveals the work of the awarded photographer Luciano Candisani at Legado das Águas – Reserva Votorantim, in Vale do Ribeira (São Paulo). Candisani remembers that the learned how to drive in a Jeep and, in this expedition, he experiments Jeep Renegade. He talks about his impressions on the car, either on the asphalt and on the clay, as well as his experiences to reach the most distant places on Earth.

Legado das Águas – Reserva Votorantim

Considered a Natural Heritage of Humanity, Vale do Ribeira – a region on the South of São Paulo state , at Serra do Mar – is part of the biggest permanent forest, remaining the biome, still with few human intervention, due to the low demographic density. In this scenery, we can find Legado das Águas – Reserva Votorantim, two-hour distant from the biggest city of Brazil, on the cities of Juquiá, Miracatu and Tapiraí.


Production: Alessandra Côrte and Luba Agostino
Direction: Lygia Barbosa da Silva
Script: Raphael Scire and Luciano Candisani
Cameraman: Gilson Campos
Editing: Senir Elias
Graphic Arts: Rodrigo Dorini
Post Production: Gilberto Yamashiro and Marcus Pavani
Soundtrack: Plug-in


  • Jeep
  • Fox