Documentary. 1 x 45´

The wild horses from Roraima

The first documentary to show the wild horses from Roraima in their natural habitat. An amazing and unprecedented adventure of discoveries and preservation.

In North and Northwest of Roraima, way up to the Forests, there is a huge area of fields partially floodable, known as Lavrado. It is a region not very known, not very studied and that remained untouched for many years. All the area of the forest, to the West of Roraima State, is basically occupied with cattle farms and small rural villages. It is there that still subsists the last herds of a horse with special characteristics: the lavradeiros.

The history of these animals is linked to the beginning of Portuguese and Spanish colonization in the region. It´s assumed that these horses may be descendent of the troops brought by the first farmers, about 200 years ago. The farms didn´t prosper and the horses, that multiplied, were being left free in the lavrado (savannah) fields, without any kind of worries about handling. They´ve become “wild”.

Nevertheless, in the last 20 years, the herds of lavradeiros began to be hunted in order to be tamed and taken to the farms. Besides that, during many years, they were hunted by French, who came from Guyana, to have their meat industrialized and sold canned. Nowadays, there are few herds still free in the Lavrado, mainly in the region close to the Venezuelan border.

Our purpose is to tell the story of these animals, its biome and determine its importance to the genetic studies, once lavradeiros are the product of a natural selection development process, without any kind of human interference. Since today, no iconographic and detailed documentation has been done about these animals. The documentary will capture these wild horses in their habitat and the efforts that have being done in order to preserve them.