Samsung Chef Experience

Live Streaming aired in Latin America.
Realization: Tru3Lab for Samsung Brazil

Interactivity was the core of this Project. As it was live, the audience could cook together as well as send messages to the chefs, via Twitter or Periscope, and they would reply during the preparation of the receipts.

Encouraging the multicultural experience of Latin American culinary, Samsung reached us with the proposal of making live streaming with reputed chefs of high gastronomy, in which they would cook three different dishes (entry, main dish and dessert) every edition of Samsung Chef Experience.

During three months, Tru3Lab studios became a real kitchen. Olivier Anquier (Brazil), Chris Carpentier (Chile) and Christian Bravo (Dominican Republic) came over and taught the audience easy and delicious receipts.


Executive Production: Alessandra Côrte
General Director: Lygia Barbosa da Silva
Operation Director: Eduardo Perez
Director Assistant: Luiz Kfouri
Scenery: Clô Azevedo
Art Director: Lica Grinstein
Production: Priscila Uchôa
Editing: Filipe Pontes
Soundtrack: Raphael Arantes
Interactivity Director: Guilherme Carmello
Advertising Agency: Isobar


  • Samsung
  • Youtube